Just an independent music artist from Los Angeles trying to make a name for himself as best as possible. Yes, I spoke in the third person. TeeHee!

Fellow people of earth.  There has been a strange happening in the distance of my one track mind.  I have have tunnel vision and took a side swipe.  It was rough, but I believe it will be all okay…   I have to say, Not a Huge Fan.  Pre-Order now and get 3 songs for download right away!  Bang it in the wip!

It has been a long time coming.  You can Pre-Order and buy the album OR, wait for it to be released on SoundCloud for free!  You can simply use Bandcamp to support the movement!

-Stay Lifted Earthlings

Ayyee!!  It’s me, Leo Wilde.

Hope you folks are having a terrific August.  I am in Los Angeles so the weather is pretty excellent right about now.  Until September comes rolling around and it turns into hell but, that is a story for another day.  So without further delay, ‘Back it Up’ is now out on Sound Cloud for free listening!  Explicit lyrics, as always uncensored for the full effect.

Also within the next couple of months I’ll be releasing some super legit visuals you all should be excited to see as I am to create it!  I am doing this to expose and inform whoever gives me their ear so I am do despicable things illegal in most places.  Oh yea, I went there.  Either way, enjoy the sick ass song created entirely by me.  I hope you enjoy!

-Stay Lifted Earthlings

TDZR_LOGO 2k copyOh hi!

Leo Wilde here just checking in and letting you all know it’s been a long month leading up to now and things are finally launching and taking real form.  The struggle has been real and the team has taken a hit but the will to meet goals has not faulted.

Be sure to check out the BEATS page and go through them beats, I know you need em.

TDZR_LOGO 2k copyHey folks!

Excited to let you know my beat store is now open!  The beats a currently limited to 10 BUT, soon to add more as interest grows.  I can’t wait to slap some more on you guys!  WOOP!



It’s me, Leo Wilde, and I want to personally thank everyone who participates in this contest with me!  It’s a One Take Rap Contest, the Grand Prize is $2,500 and a feature from AZ rapper, Futuristic!  SHEESH!  So click this link LEO WILDE ONE TAKE ENTRY or, click the One Take Rap Contest picture!  WOOP!  Remember, you can share it as many times as you want, there is no limit!  Just share!  YEE!!!!  The deadline is April 7th, so no pressure…  No really, go click that link, and share to cast your vote.  I love you all from the bottom of my heart.  May you walk a path of glory, and success!  Stay Lifted.