11118450_340524749479853_1791636690_n___Leo Wilde aka Lionel Wilder is an American music producer and independent artist from

South Los Angeles, California, USA.  He was born on September 15th, 1987 to Esau Wilder, and Vicki Trusselli in the city of Glendale, California.  Born to an older brother named Sean Esau Wilder, and later finding out, a half brother as well, named Roby Wellington.

Incidentally, when he was 18 months, his parents had divorced.  His father, from Phoenix, Arizona, and his mother from Lubbock, Texas, the usual suspects in issue between families being merged of course occurred in between his brother Sean being born and his parents becoming wed.  Both his father and mothers side of the family had issue.

Being raised in what was then, South Central, aside from Chicago and Oakland, being one of the worst city districts in the entire country, Leo was expected toculvercity_thundercat_beenie fall victim to the system.  A system that has failed, so many countless youth and adults to this day regardless of religion, race, nationality or political stance.  Money is the only culpable thing the system responds to and without it, being majority of the world; life seems to not exist in a realm of happiness for most people in the unlucky position of having very little to no finances.

Leo Wilde grew up with dreams of music.  He began creating music at the age of 10 when his older brother Sean showed him a sequencing program called, “Fruity Loops.”  Leo was immediately hooked and began making tracks.  When he was 19 he attended Musicians Institute to receive his Audio Engineering Certification.  He worked at a recording studio for almost two years before going off on his own adventure.  With him able to sing and establish a persona for his rapping, Leo began putting his focus on his writing, and lyrical content in 2010.  Because of this he was able to present potential in the commercial realm.  In 2013 he started a promotion company in California, the company named, “My Own Entertainment, LLC.”

Now with his release of his new music we’ll really begin to see what happens.  Leo Wilde writes, produces, records, mixes and masters all his songs.  He is releasing music under his publishing company, “Leo Wilde Music.”  You can purchase all his music at any online media retailer.