“Back it Up” now on Spotify!

Oh hi there!

Another great update for you folks out there in the music loving world.¬† I have released “Back it Up” on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon etc.¬† You can pick it up for $0.99 or stream away my friends!¬† I want you all to be able to enjoy the music any way you like.¬† Just know that I understand.¬† So don’t forget to tell them haters to, “Back it up!”¬† Yee!

-Leo Wilde

New Single “Crazy” OUT NOW!

Hi there fellow humans,

It’s just Leo Wilde over here throwing some good news your way.¬† More music, and more content!¬† Always a good thing right?¬† Because, who wants to sit there and be bored?¬† At any rate, you can rest assured that more great things are coming your way and mine of course!¬† What’s so good coming my way?¬† Well, hopefully more support in the coming future and giving back to the people who put me here.¬† I can’t do it without you guys so, keep doing what you do and always live life your way.¬† No way can truly make you happy but yourself.¬† Others can only contribute in a negative or positive way.¬† Don’t let them control the outcome.


-Leo Wilde


The Danger Zone Records

Oh hi!¬† For those of you who are noticing changes and no info, well here I am to help.¬† You will first see the site has been completely redone and the services pages are up!¬† Don’t hesitate to inquire about further services, or custom services requiring a budget or long engagement!¬† You can always email us at, thedangerzonerecords@gmail.com to ask any questions.¬† One of our reps will respond within 24 hours.¬† Click The Danger Zone Records logo for more info.cropped-TDZR_LOGO-2k-copy.png

‘Not a Huge Fan’ OUT NOW!

Oh hi!

Thought I’d let you guys know you can go and get the EP now. ¬†It’s available for $4 but, you can donate more if you wish… ¬†I mean, $4, what does it really do to you? ¬†Besides, these are jammin on the one! ¬†You can cop it, share it take videos with it. ¬†Enjoy the tunes because I do it for you guys.

Purchase ‘Not a Huge Fan’

-Stay Lifted Earthlings

‘Not a Huge Fan’

Fellow people of earth. ¬†There has been a strange happening in the distance of my one track mind. ¬†I have have tunnel vision and took a side swipe. ¬†It was rough, but I believe it will be all okay… ¬† I have to say, Not a Huge Fan. ¬†Pre-Order now and get 3 songs for download right away! ¬†Bang it in the wip!

It has been a long time coming.  You can Pre-Order and buy the album OR, wait for it to be released on SoundCloud for free!  You can simply use Bandcamp to support the movement!

-Stay Lifted Earthlings

New Song ‘Back it Up’ on Sound Cloud!

Ayyee!! ¬†It’s me, Leo Wilde.

Hope you folks are having a terrific August. ¬†I am in Los Angeles so the weather is pretty excellent right about now. ¬†Until September comes rolling around and it turns into hell but, that is a story for another day. ¬†So without further delay, ‘Back it Up’ is now out on Sound Cloud for free listening! ¬†Explicit lyrics, as always uncensored for the full effect.

Also within the next couple of months I’ll be releasing some super legit visuals you all should be excited to see as I am to create it! ¬†I am doing this to expose and inform whoever gives me their ear so I am do despicable things illegal in most places. ¬†Oh yea, I went there. ¬†Either way, enjoy the sick ass song created entirely by me. ¬†I hope you enjoy!

-Stay Lifted Earthlings

Leo Wilde Music Migration Complete!

Hey there,

Welcome to the new and improved Leo Wilde Music website! ¬†We are making major improvements daily to enhance your experience and bring you the best in entertainment. ¬†You can check back here regularly if you like to watch improvements, you can also click my links at the top to listen to all music and purchase music I have released digitally. ¬†I will be promoting Physical copies along with merchandise in the coming months. ¬†I can’t tell you how exciting this is going to be. ¬†Come join the fun and quit sitting around doing nothing but working and watching TV. ¬†Let’s go improve the community!

the-dark-love_2k-copyAlbum Coming Summer 2017!