Audio Engineering Services

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Audio Engineering at The Danger Zone Records

Welcome to The Danger Zone Records Audio Engineering booking page.  We are your one stop shop for anything, and everything music.  If you are a serious artist, you wont mess around with spotty engineers working for scraps giving you muddy work.  It’s time to take your record career serious.  There are tons of choices, and you could stick with your friend on his laptop with some 5″ speakers, or, come here to The Danger Zone Records and get yourself right.  It’s your art, and your career, take it seriously.

Hours are Mon-Sun 11AM to 7PM

Not quite at the mixing stages yet?  Click HERE to get some beats for your next project!

Audio Engineering Mixing Packages

Oh hi!  We at TDZR just want you to know that we know, it is important to have a fully mixed, and radio ready mix of your song or EP for the lovely labels and radio stations.  Below is a package selection for mixing and mastering your newest and latest Single, EP, or Album.  Audio Engineering is a big part of any musical composition.  All come with an optional ‘Radio Edit’ at customers request.

Please note, after payment, you will be contact with a link in which to upload your full raw session files.  When you complete the upload, there will be an engineer working on your mix(s) immediately!  Time varies on completion of service depending on the package you’ve purchased.  Expect up to a week for a Single mix.  Up to 3 weeks for an EP, and up to 5 weeks for a complete Album mix.  So please, schedule accordingly if you are on a time frame.  We know how important your music is, so being on your time scale is important to us.

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