Beats Store Open!

TDZR_LOGO 2k copyHey folks!

Excited to let you know my beat store is now open!  The beats a currently limited to 10 BUT, soon to add more as interest grows.  I can’t wait to slap some more on you guys!  WOOP!


Check out my latest release, ‘Problem?’  It’s a stab at those booboo ass “Rockstars” out here looking burnt out.

A Private Showing

DMEG Artist Spotlight Radio Interview With Leo Wilde


Ayyee!!!  Had a radio interview this evening!  Go give it a listen bruvs!  YEE!!

One Take Entry OUT NOW!



It’s me, Leo Wilde, and I want to personally thank everyone who participates in this contest with me!  It’s a One Take Rap Contest, the Grand Prize is $2,500 and a feature from AZ rapper, Futuristic!  SHEESH!  So click this link LEO WILDE ONE TAKE ENTRY or, click the One Take Rap Contest picture!  WOOP!  Remember, you can share it as many times as you want, there is no limit!  Just share!  YEE!!!!  The deadline is April 7th, so no pressure…  No really, go click that link, and share to cast your vote.  I love you all from the bottom of my heart.  May you walk a path of glory, and success!  Stay Lifted.

One Take Contest Entry

Woop!  Just letting you guys know, I shot a another one take video, it will be available as soon as it is up on the One Take Rap Contest facebook fanpage.  SO, with that in mind, here are some stills from the shoot!  YEE!

Leo Wilde: An Artist Must Continue To Evolve



We got this interview that done, it’s a simple one but it’s golden!  Go check it out, delve into the mind.  We plan on promoting more music and more content in the coming year of 2017!  This year, is going to be such an exhilarating one!  Let’s do this!

“Biggest pitfall, don’t get comfortable. Always strive for something new to prevent stagnation.”

Check out the interview with Leo Wilde exclusively on Skilly Magazine Online.­­­­



“The worn out tropes of ‘bitches and money’ somehow feel subversive again, thanks to the experimental electronic production and Leo’s crooning vocal. The lyrics feel like an uncompromisingly realistic reflection of his reality, and its aggressiveness is tempered by the smoothness of his sound: “I was the one you called / Every time something in your life was going wrong / I was the one you called / But it turns out you didn’t even want me at all.”